Medical Molding


  Rolenn has made a name for itself producing restricted and unrestricted medical grade silicon rubbers.

    We offer thermoplastic production molding for a wide range of customer requirements.  We have over twenty years of close tolerance injection molding experience using engineering grade compounds for the aerospace and electronics industries.

Transfer Molding

Injection Molding

Insert Molding

Liquid Injection Molding (LSR)

  1. Bullet    Silicon Elastomers

  2. Bullet    1 Part

  3. Bullet    2 Part

  4. Bullet    LSR

  5. Bullet    Thermoplastics

  6. Bullet    Polyurethanes

  7. Bullet    Polysulfone

  8. Bullet    Ultem  

  9. Bullet    Peek

  10. Bullet    Insert Overmolding

  11. Bullet    Plasma Cleaning

  12. Bullet    Primer Applications

Plasma Cleaning

Cryogenic Deflash

Insert Molding

Transfer Molding