Rolenn Manufacturing

2065 Roberta Street
Riverside, California 92507

Phone: 951-682-1185
FAX: 951-682-1187

    Rolenn Manufacturing has been providing the world with high quality medical parts since 1978 to customers around the globe. Our facilities are ISO 9001:2008 Certified and FDA inspected and registered. We have multiple Class 7 and 8 Clean Rooms to provide the best environment for production.

    Rolenn is a customer focused organization providing superior quality thermoset and thermoplastic molded products, mold design, mold fabrication, mold repair, and custom machining. In addition Rolenn manufactures a small transfer molding system.
    Our commitment is to continuous quality improvement and customer service through advanced technology, training and education.

We offer a large variety of products including:

  1. Bullet    Medical Molding

  2. Bullet    Transfer Molding

  3. Bullet    Injection Molding

  4. Bullet    Insert Molding

  5. Bullet    Liquid Injection Molding (LSR)

  6. Bullet    General & Commercial Molding

  7. Bullet    EP200D Manufacture and Sale

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