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Rolenn Manufacturing is a customer and employee focused organization. Rolenn has provided the world with high quality molds, tooling and products since 1963


From the start Rolenn believes that people are our most important asset. We want our employees and customers to be acknowledge and are opened to any suggestion

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The core of the company is to stay updated on the latest technologies. Rolenn is a master at transfer, compression and injection molding.  Rolenn views technology and process together for crafting, managing and going  green.

Going Green

In Rolenn Manufacturing we always try to lower our energy consumption. Here are some examples of our improvments:

  • High efficiency LED lighting

  • Smart climate control systems

  • Optimized power delivery systems to all manufacturing equipment

  • Aggressive recycling program

  • Less than one 55 Gallon drum per year of waste material

Rolenn Manufacturing


We break out of the mold to create the best ones

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